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Portia Taylor is “that” sister or best friend who is always so encouraging and armed with a no-nonsense approach. This Powerhouse has empowered thousands of women with her “I’m Not That Woman” message, a revelation God gave her years ago as she studied various women in the Bible from those that were praised to those that were marginalized.

Portia Taylor is a Visionary, a Teacher, Inspirational Speaker and newly Author of her debut book “I’m Not That Woman”.

An anointed vessel with an authentic passion and goal to lead women to their true identity. She is an activist for women, who fuels their courage to journey through vulnerable places and reject the lies to embrace the truth. Portia has a reassuring way of speaking to women, a way that awakens their inner woman which causes them to come forth and become all God has ordained them to be.
Portia’s desire and the mandate on her life is to guide women to learn to hear and believe God’s thoughts about themselves, get to the essence of who they are, conquer the fear of the past and find security in the abundant future God has for them.


She is still a work in progress and every day she is fearlessly discovering a better version of herself than she previously knew.

Portia is graced with the strength of God to help other women to boldly look their past in the face and declare “I’m Not That Woman”!

Portia Taylor pastors Victory Christian Ministries International Charles County alongside her husband, Demond Taylor.

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